The first book of our President has just come out, do not hesitate to read it... see in the shop, how to acquire it... Ask your veterinarian for identification of your animal’s blood type, the day of the accident it would be too late... A recycling module "Canine First Aid" is under construction, please wait.

The press speaks about it

CFCTNL Magazine

March 2013

Article from the telegram

February 23, 2013

Article from Le Républicain

about Canine First Aid

Article of the Retriever club of France

of February 2012

Article of Gaëlle

Blind person, dog first aid

Report shot by FRANCE 2 with the participation of Nos Animaux Nous Parlent, the ACSE SAVIGNY-LE-TEMPLE and the presence of the President of the CFCTNL.

Report by FR3 Centre Val de Loire for the Race Dog Festival organized by "La Meute à LULU" at the Château des Brétignolles 37500, on 30 and 31 July 2022.


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